Perhaps I had a little too much fun on Friday night because I wasn’t feeling too good on Saturday morning. So, instead of going out sightseeing again, Yini took her mom shopping in the big shopping center Nordstan while I and her dad relaxed on the sun deck of the hotel.

When Yini and here mom were finished with shopping, we took our bags to the train station and got some lunch before we got going. However, because we had lunch at the station instead of bringing on to the train we missed the one we planned to take and ended up waiting for two hours for the next one.

One of the reasons Yinis parents agreed to join this trip was because they wanted to see how my parents lived. So, when we arrived in Örebro, we took them on the grand tour of the house. After that we had some Asian style food for dinner then went downtown for a short stroll as we happened to arrive at the same time as the city was celebrating its 750th birthday.

Yinis father runs a construction company and her mother owns a small interior decoration store so on Sunday we took them to Bauhaus, a big building supply store at the outskirts of the city. We walked around there for a good couple hours and the parents were very interested to see what kind of building materials they had to offer.

In the afternoon we went to the castle and joined a guided tour which was very informative, Yini and her parents all thought it’s kind of special with a castle in the city center. After that we went back home because some friends of the family came by for coffee, and we had a good time chatting with them.

The rest of the evening was nothing special, but a very pleasant day all in all. Because everything was very familiar to me, I didn’t take any photos