We spent Friday exploring Gothenburg city, following the suggestions my friend Sofie gave us the night before. We started with the sightseeing boat Paddan that took us around the various canals and rivers of the city. Yini’s parents really enjoyed it, and thanks to a great guide so did I.

After that we went to the small market selling food from different countries, but I was the only one who was hungry so we didn’t try as many foods as I thought we would. Instead we went to Kronhuset, one of the oldest buildings in the city, and looked around in the nearby handicraft stores.

Taking it easy in front of Kronhuset

We had a quick lunch in a cafe there then headed over to the Marirtime Museum. There we walked around for a while looking at old ships of different kinds, from a submarine to an old lighthouse ship.

It was great fun to climb around and explore all the different ships and Yinis dad was running around almost like a kid. When we were done there we headed over to the Garden Society (Trädgården) to look at the flowers. It turned out to be some kind of children’s culture festival there so it was not quite so tranquil as I expected. That didn’t matter so much however, because Yini’s parents really enjoyed listening to a concert of jazzed up children’s songs.

After visiting the garden society, we went to a Chinese restaurant for some dinner to let the parents-in-law get some food they are used to and settle their stomachs for a bit. Though they said they weren’t hungry they completely cleaned their bowls.

We then took the parents in law back to the hotel and went out to drink beer with Sofie and a few other friends. It was a really great evening.