I’ve previously written about two parks that are underneath major roads in Taiwan; the semi-abandoned Wuri Tank Park and the strange art exhibition/miniature world under the Dali Creek Bridge. Last weekend my wife found another similar place called Shalu Leisure Landscape Trail (沙鹿休閒景觀步道 in Chinese). For some reason, this one also happens to be in Taizhong city; perhaps the citizens of Taizhong really like to utilize the available space.

Like the name suggests, this is a hiking trail, or rather a strolling trail, because to be honest it’s far too flat for any actual hiking. It’s roughly two kilometers from end to end (though they are working to extend it) and except for a few short sections, the entire trail lies under National Highway No. 3. You’d think with such a description there would be nothing but asphalt and concrete, but there is a surprising amount of greenery down there, with bushes and even full size trees. This makes for a special kind of contrast where it feels like you’re simultaneously out in nature and and in a long tunnel . I think at this point I’d better show some pictures so you can see what I mean.

I think this is a cool place and I’m really glad my wife found it. I’m definitely adding this to my list of odd places in Taiwan really worth visiting. As a bonus, the ground was flat enough that my son could walk on his own, and with a break in the middle for juice and biscuits he managed to do the entire two kilometers, not bad for a two year old.