Everyone has seen it in some movie or other, the cast stand in front of that fountain in Las Vegas looking at the show in front of them. This is just like that, except it’s not a movie. In front of me is a large pond bordered on this side by the promenade and on the opposite, the Wynn Palace casion with the central building right in front and the wings set at an angle like open arms welcoming you in, it’s facade bathed in a warm golden orange. From the middle of the pond dozens of water jets, lit from below by powerful spotlights, shoot into the air and sway back and forth like they are dancing. They move in time with the music, cascading across the pond like a wave of silver rays, rising and falling as the music swells and dips. Then, just as the music reaches its crescendo there is a loud boom and they all shoot up high into the sky then stop abruptly, the water raining down like drops of silver sparkling in the light.