I’m sitting here in the lift, waiting for it to bring me to the top, contemplating my situation. It’s really quite strange when you think about it, you travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometers to some small town somewhere where everything is overpriced. When you get there you spend a large portion of your time sitting in a chair that’s suspended several meters above the ground with nothing but a thin metal bar keeping you from falling out, and you get get slowly pulled towards the top of the hill, all the while being exposed to the elements. When you get to the top you go wooshing down the slope on an overpriced, glorified plank of wood at breakneck speeds and all you can really do is exert some limited control over the direction you’re going. And then, when you are safe and sound at the bottom of the hill, you do it all again. Like I said, it’s utterly baffling when you think about it…Luckily I don’t think about it. I just thoroughly enjoy myself. Time for another run!