The walkway is raised above the road, allowing pedestrians to navigate the streets without having to deal with the heavy Hong Kong traffic. It’s a couple of meters wide and covered but with open sides, and follows the street for several hundred meters, branching off here and there to follow the smaller side streets. Normally it’s nothing special, just a convenient way to get around, but today is Sunday, when all of Hong Kong’s maids (most of them Malaysian migrant workers) have their day off. Since they have no place of their own they can’t go home, and since Hong Kong is expensive they can’t go out, at least if they plan to save their money, so they end up here. Along the entire lenght of the walkway, the fences on both sides are lined with women. They have spread out picnic blankets or plastic sheets on the ground and some have even hung things on the fence to block the wind a bit. There they sit, one group of friends after the other, each with their own little camp site cluttered with shoes, snacks, drinks, playing cards, phone power banks and whatever else they need for an afternoon of hanging out with their friends. Walking along here is people watching at it’s finest.