Sunday was our very last day in Sweden but because we had several hours before our plane left we decided to make one last excursion in Stockholm. To make the most of it we left the hotel a bit earlier than normal and took the tram to Stockholm’s big outdoor museum Skansen.

We spent the morning and early afternoon walking around among the various old houses, farms and churches. There is even a small zoo with a few moose, seals, and Yinis favourite, brown bears.

Going to Skansen was a really pleasant way to spend a few hours and we could have stayed longer if it hadn’t been for our flight. We went back to the hotel to get our bags then took off for the airport. We had slightly short transfer in Amsterdam so we ended up running to our gate. Except for that the flight back went smoothly and now I’m sitting at home in Taiwan writing this, a bit tired but happy.

Except for Yini’s father having a bit of trouble walking, this trip was not as much trouble as I had anticipated. I think all of us, Yini, her parents, me, and my parents all enjoyed our vacation in Sweden.

The last group picture from the trip