Saturday was our last whole day in Sweden, so we planned to go to the archipelago. Our goal was to use the Hop On Hop Off bus to get to the pier where we could take the boat, but after waiting at the bus stop for a good thirty five minutes we found out the buses weren’t running properly, so we changed to the metro instead. When we got to the pier there was already a long queue so the boat got pretty crowded but still not too bad. We had a pleasant enough journey out to Vaxholm, the most populous island in the Stockholm archipelago.

Some pictures from the boat ride

We got there about one thirty in the afternoon and by that time we were pretty hungry, so we found a place where we could get some food. Seems however that we went to the wrong place because we had to wait almost an hour before the food arrived. After our late lunch we walked around for a little while among the old style wooden houses, which I and Yini appreciated but her parents seemed less interested.

When we came back to the harbour it was almost five o’clock so we got on the next boat home and this time we got some better seats so we could admire the view along the way.

One of the old archipelago ferries

When we got back to land we went to the old tax authority skyscraper and took the elevator to the top floor and the sky bar there. I was hoping we could get a drink from a place with a good view, but there were no tables by the window available. Instead we headed to the other end of town to a restaurant called Lao Wai which my mom recommend. This place is great because it serves authentic Chinese food; so much better than panda express or other similar fake Chinese places you can find. Yini’s parents ate very happily.

Getting some tea at Lao Wai

I think things didn’t go quite as well today as they should have, but our trip to the archipelago was nice none the less, and dinner was awesome. To end the post, here are two artistic shots from the boat ride back.