There are a few more islands that belong to the Matsu archipelago but we never managed to arrange a good schedule for going there. However we still had a day left and had already seen most of the two main islands so we decided to take it easy. We slept till fairly late in the morning then went out and rode around leisurely checking various minor tourist attractions.

Eventually we ended up on the beach of the village we lived in two nights ago and just sat there relaxing. Around four oclock we felt it was time to start preparing to leave so we went back to our hotel to pick up the luggage. On the way we stopped by the Matsu temple from where the islands get their name. The navy also had a few landing craft drawn up on the beach there for some reason.

That’s it for this trip. All that remains is the flight home. I really liked coming here and I recommend it to anyone coming to Taiwan. The best parts were the old style village where we stayed the first night (Qinbi village) the two military tunnels (both called Beihai tunnel) and of course seeing the Blue Tears

Final photo, bye bye Matsu