Today we kept exploring the area near lake Myvatn, starting by driving back up to the highlands towards mount Krafla. When we were getting close to our destination we started seeing cars parked along the side of the road and soon found out why. The road simply ended right there in a snowbank, the rest of it covered in snow. No matter, we parked by the road just like everybody else, then walked the rest of the way. The place we went to was another crater, this one partially covered in snow and the bottom filled with turquoise water frozen to ice in the cold highland air. On the backside there was also a smaller crater where the water was not frozen due to geothermal activity.

After a walk around the crater and surrounding area, we got in the car again and drove back down to the lake. We had a quick lunch at a farmhouse cafe then drove out to a small peninsula where the nature was decidedly Swedish rather than Icelandic.

By now we were getting a bit tired of sightseeing so we headed to the main attraction of lake Myvatn, the nature baths. The nature baths are a kind of open air hot spring, a big milky blue pool surrounded by lava rocks in the middle of the dramatic Icelandic landscape,. It’s just brilliant, relaxing in the warm water for an hour or two looking at the beautiful view.

We were so satisfied after the baths that we called it a day after that and just went back to the hotel to relax.