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The last day in Iceland

Today is our last whole day in Iceland, we leave early tomorrow morning. We drove out of Stykkisholmur in the rain but missed our turning point. While looking for a suitable place to make a U-turn it cleared up a bit so we decided to make one last sightseeing stop on Snaefellness.

It was a quick stop so only one photo, apparently this mountain is becoming a bit of a symbol for Iceland, though I forgot the name.

From there we headed back, found the turning point this time and drove into Reykjavik. We checked in to our hotel, had … Read the rest

Snaefellness in the rain

Today has been somewhat disappointing. The plan was to see as much as we could of Snaefellness peninsula but it has been raining heavily all day and even when it cleared up for a while, everything was so shrouded in mist we couldn’t see much.

In order to stay out of the rain for a bit we started by going to the Shark Museum in Bjarnarhofn, a small place that showcases the history of fishing for Greenland Shark and the process of fermenting it to be able to eat it. The reason the meat has to be fermented is because … Read the rest

Arrival on Sneafellness peninsula

Today has been yet another driving day, we left our little guest house quite early, and drove westward through gently rolling hills of green pastures. Since we had time we made a detour out to a sightseeing spot called Borgarvik, an old kind of fortification on a cliff top, and not far from there, a strange cliff formation in the sea.

We made a quick stop for lunch then drove on for … Read the rest

To the west

Today has been another driving day. We left Lake Myvatn in the morning, heading westward making a couple of stops along the way. The first stop was Godafoss or God’s Waterfall in English; the name is quite appropriate, but it also makes me wonder, if this is what a relatively unknown place on Iceland has to offer, how mighty is not something like the Niagara falls.

We drove on through very gently sloping fields and pastures, a fjord a little way off and as always mountains in … Read the rest

Second day in Myvatn

Today we kept exploring the area near lake Myvatn, starting by driving back up to the highlands towards mount Krafla. When we were getting close to our destination we started seeing cars parked along the side of the road and soon found out why. The road simply ended right there in a snowbank, the rest of it covered in snow. No matter, we parked by the road just like everybody else, then walked the rest of the way. The place we went to was another crater, this one partially covered in snow and the bottom filled with turquoise water frozen … Read the rest

To lake Myvatn

We left our little cottage mid morning, picked up a hitchhiker just after getting on the main road, and headed west up onto the highlands (all be it the outskirts of the highlands) . Up there the land is flat and covered in snow for longer and the air is cooler, but it felt less cold than when we were caught in the wind and the rain on the south coast.

After a short stop to snap some photos we kept driving. Just before we got into the lake … Read the rest

Fjords and gravel roads

Today has been a day of driving, but in Iceland that’s not necessarilya bad thing. Going along the countryside roads and seeing this fantastic landscape in all its glory from the comfort of the car is great. We really only stopped a few times to stretch our legs and snap a few shots of the spectacular view.

We took the coastal road, zigzaging as it follows the line of the fjords. The mountains tumble into the sea and the road hugging the edge all the way. It seems people universally find mountains and water to be beautiful and with such … Read the rest

Walking on ice

Today we had a glacier tour booked, but since it was all the way back in Skaftafell, we got up as usual, hopped in the car and drove off, going west this time so we could see the scenery from the other side as we zoomed by. Except for picking up a forlorn hitchhiker standing in the rain, it was a smooth and uneventful drive.

At skaftafell we had a quick lunch, put on all the warm clothes we had with us and reported to the glacier guides. They fitted us with safety harnesses, helmets, ice axes and crampons (kind … Read the rest

Long drive and glaciers

We left Vik this morning and drove out into the ever changing, ever spectacular Icelandic landscape. Due to the rain, we only made a few stops to look at the scenery and quickly made it to Skaftafell national park.

Skaftafell is an outlier of Vatnaj√∂kull, one of the worlds biggest glaciers. Due to … Read the rest

The Golden circle

Yesterday, Renegade Wife and I slept as long as we could to kill the jetlag, then spent the afternoon exploring Reykjavik. It’s a pretty small town for a capital city, and we didn’t see all that much. Today we headed out in our battered old rental car (the company Sad Cars that we rented from has older cars and lower prices than most other rental firms) to see the real Iceland.

We did what is commonly called the Golden Circle, a tourist rout that heads north out from Reykjavik then bends off towards the inland¬† and comes back in a … Read the rest

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