We have stumbled upon this place more or less at random. We only stopped at the reservoir for a quick rest before going home, but impulsively decided to circumnavigate the lake, just for fun. And here, on the small road around it, we found this place, a Christian graveyard. The steep hillside is terraced in numerous levels, kind of like the spectator gallery at a sports arena but instead of seats, there are walkways lined with graves; rows and rows of what looks like sarcophagi with slab headstones at one end. Then only difference between them is the color of the stone and the inscriptions; some are even empty, just waiting for an occupant. It’s not unpleasant, just kind of strange to see them arranged like this. Less powerful than the multitude crosses at Normandy, less disorganized than a normal Taiwanese graveyard, but nice in a somber kind of way. A very special sight no matter what.