Last weekend, me and Yini visited her parents. Since we do this quite often, I normally don’t write about it, but this time was somewhat different. We left home on Saturday afternoon, and headed south along the highway. Around Sanyi we left the highway and followed some fairly small roads out into rural Taiwan. A short while later we came to a place called Zuolan, which does not look like much to the world. However I found it could well be worth a visit, at least if you are passing by the area.

Stopping by the side of a small road, we walked out in the fields towards a mountain range in the background until we came upon a simple fence at the edge of a cliff. This place is actually a kind of gorge made from dried mud rocks, with a small river at the bottom. Most people stay by the fence, take a few photos then leave but we walked a bit further until the fence ended and the whole expanse of cliffs and dried mud lay before us.

We spent the better part of an hour scampering around in this moon like landscape, devoid of anything except some driftwood logs and a few shriveled plants. I really like this kind of barren beauty and the sense of adventure it imbues in me, urging me to clamber over rocks and jump across chasms. Here are some of the pictures that resulted from all this scrambling around.