It’s drizzling, not very heavily, but enough to make the world damp: a steady layer of water on the road surface that soaks through my shoes when I set my feet down; drops all over my clothes that collect in little puddles in the folds of my jacket, and spray coming off the wheels of passing cars. As soon as the needle of the speedometer indicates more than 40, the droplets hitting my face feel like a sand blaster, and the chill of the air is quickly transferred to my bare hands. General all around misery! But there is one thing that, quite literally, brightens this otherwise dark and miserable evening; the wet surface of the road reflects the light all around: the soft orange from the street lights, the inviting green glow at the intersections, and the glaring red of brake lights of the cars when that same green shifts to red. Though the damp dark and cold is plenty uncomfortable, there is at least a hint of beauty in it all.