Due to time constraints, I have once again been forced to bend (my own, arbitrary) rules for land travel. Leaving home around 10 in the morning, Yini and I took a plane from Copenhagen down to the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb.  Since we did not want to rush (and spend our vacation stressed out)  we decided to stay here for the night.

Having found our hostel we took a tram (without knowing how to pay) to the train station and from there took a stroll through a long, stretched out park full of grandiose buildings, fountains and statues. Some twenty minutes later we arrived at the city’s magnificent cathedral but hunger had taken over by then so we headed over to a nice restaurant serving traditional Croatian food. It tasted really good and was fairly cheap for the quality.

Bellies full, we wandered around in the area for a while, exploring streets adorned with old stone houses, before heading back to the hostel. Tomorrow we take a bus to Split and the coast and from there we plan to eventually move northward, remaining land bound as far as possible.