This is not so much a frozen moment as a frozen stretch of time. Starting off in central Zagreb, our highway bus trundled out of the city towards the rolling hills of the Croatian inland. Dark green in the distance with lighter shades up close, mingled with the yellow of sun burnt grass, dotted with the orange roofs and light colored walls of small villages. As we passed the hills we got closer to the low, forrested mountains and darker skies. Passing through endless tunnels we were finally spit out on the other side, blue skies overhead and a dazzling view of turquoise waters surrounded by barren Rocky slopes dotted with low vegetation struggling for survival. As the road leveled out and the ocean disappeared below the horizon, we settled in for the last 100 kilometres and were gently lulled to sleep by the steady movement of the bus. As we turned off the highway the once again mountainous terrain opened up, dropping off steeply towards a large cluster of orange roofs and a light blue bay, finally we were there.