M.I.A – take your money is pumping in the red and green light behind me. In front of me is compact darkness, no, not completely compact, an uneven line dividing the trees from the sky is discernible in the distance. The cold night air embraces me with chilly claws but I remain standing. The clomping of high healed shoes has joined the beat of the music and amidst all the revelers is a girl in an expensive dress and a guy in a nice suit. They are bobbing up and down with the rest in general ecstasy. The man is my cousin and the girl is his bride; this is their wedding party but surprisingly it is dance music, not a classical waltz playing. Oh well, this is not a very traditional wedding anyway. So what about me then, why do I stand out here on the balcony? The simple answer is, I don’t particularly like weddings so I just stand here for now.