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River Bar, 3:38 pm

I’m on a small wooden platform covered by a thin mat, reclining under a parasol with my back against the low railing. Behind me the brownish green river, occasionally a couple of kayakers float past. In front of me, on a larger wooden platform, is a bunch of twenty something Europeans in their swimsuits, dancing and drinking Beer Lao. All the while techno music is booming from the speakers, filling the otherwise blissful landscape with its noise.… Read the rest

Nam song river, 3:15 pm

I’m floating down the river in an old tractor inner tube, it has been yellow but the paint has faded and peeled off from use and the black rubber is showing through. The water is a muddled brownish green color and the sun, already sinking lower, is sparkling on the surface like liquid silver. I lean back, raise my feet out of the water and relax. In front of me the spectacular Laotian nature, karst cliffs rising up out the jungle, and behind me the other tubers, all swimming suit clad bodies and yellow tubes, floating lazily along with me.… Read the rest

Mojito Bar, 1:24 pm

The bar is filling up with white people,  all in their twenties and all in their swimwear. There are only a few locals here, working as bar staff  but even there, a couple of falang have moved in. In front of me are two tables where people are playing beer pong, throwing orange ping pong balls into each other’s cups of beer. The mood is all party, no matter if people are drinking  dancing or just chilling out.… Read the rest

Rut på Skäret, 11:46 pm

M.I.A – take your money is pumping in the red and green light behind me. In front of me is compact darkness, no, not completely compact, an uneven line dividing the trees from the sky is discernible in the distance. The cold night air embraces me with chilly claws but I remain standing. The clomping of high healed shoes has joined the beat of the music and amidst all the revelers is a girl in an expensive dress and a guy in a nice suit. They are bobbing up and down with the rest in general ecstasy. The man is … Read the rest

Outside my house 7:31 am

The air is cold and the sky is a clear blue. A single streak of cloud, coloured pink by the rising sun, crosses the sky like a streamer. I’m walking home in the early morning, slightly drunk from the night’s escapades, my knee is hurting and I hold a bag full of bottles that I “borrowed” from a party, in one hand. It is a beautiful morning but now it’s time to sleep.… Read the rest

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