In the upper left corner of my field of view is a tree lit up from below, high above a few lonely stars look down on me from a totally black sky and right in front of me a cloud of steam rises up from the next pool, swirling poetically skywards. There is a murmur of voices all around from people enjoying the relaxing warmth of the waters. Centered on me though, there seems to be a bubble of emptiness, I hear little of the murmur and see little of the swirling mists even though it is right in front of me for I am sitting in one of two small, cold tubs. The water numbs me in a way that is almost meditative, if I sit absolutely still the cold feels less acute and an emptiness settles on my mind. I  feel the muscles in my upper arms start to pulsate, like a palpable heartbeat. It is a very comfortable state, the joys and troubles of daily life no longer crowding my mind; just the cold water against my skin and beating of my heart.