All I can see is a white wall with a poster on it, or alternatively the backside of a chest of drawers. There is a dull pain, kind of like that of being pinched, near my hip. After a few short moments the pain stops then comes back again,  coming in irregular intervals. Some times it is more acute, and it even gets so bad that I grind my teeth and clench my fists in anguish. I have to lie on my side in this dentists type chair staring at the wall and maybe the back of the artist next to us as the man working on me bends close to color in an area. The lines on my hip that he is now coloring have been there for a long time and i have been dreading to go here for this because I know the hip is a  painful place to get tattooed on. At the same time it feels good to finally get this done. And in the end the whole ordeal is over in a few hours, that is all it takes to get a piece of art on my body. Now I just have to wait for him to lift the needle from my skin before I can breathe out again.