The water flowing past me is absolutely mesmerizing. The yellow-brown river bubbles, twirls and hisses past me, turning from yellowish white spray as it leaves the sluice gate to froth on the wave tops further down. Walking just next to it gives the illusion of walking on a conveyor belt and it draws me in, attracting me like light attracts moths. I want to take a plunge in the water but I know the current is strong and would carry me far and the water is cold this chilly April afternoon, it would be deadly. Instead I look out around me, the grass has a sickly yellow-green color and all the bushes and trees are brown and withered.  The landscape looks sick or even dying but today, with the clear blue sky, the sun glistening of the top of this dirty old stream and warming my face, it is beautiful. I can hear birdsong in the distance and despite a few lingering patches of snow i can feel that spring is here.