Something that you see often in Taiwan, and I believe also in other parts of Asia, but far less common in Europe, are the small alleys; the winding lanes in between and behind the buildings of a city block. For the most part these little nameless streets are rather ugly in a utilitarian sort of way. Since few people enter these alleys there tends to be lots of stuff there that’s hidden from view: water pipes, AC units, disused scooters, piles of recycling and so forth. I have found however, that there’s a special kind of beauty in these places, especially at night when the sparse light from one or two bulbs fill an entire lane. I’ve done a couple of rounds here in Hsinchu, trying to capture this beauty with my camera, here are my best, or at least most interesting, attempts.

Big mix of back alleys

Once when I was out exploring Hisnchu’s alleys I found a small temple deep inside a narrow lane. I think it’s so cool it deserves to be highlighted.

Some more back alleys