A couple of weeks ago I was out with the motorcycle in the mountains and rediscovered a trail that we tried to hike many years ago but never finished because part of it had collapsed, then forgot about. From what I could see it seemed to be in good shape, so last weekend we decided to give it another go…this time with the baby.

It’s actually not much of a trail, only a few hundred meters long, but it leads to a waterfall which in my opinion makes it a worthwhile hike. The place isn’t particularly popular and it’s a bit off the beaten path but if you’re interested it’s called Guyan Waterfall and you can find it here:

The trail starts at the road bridge at Luoping Junction. Here you get some nice views of the surrounding landscape, and if you want you can make your way down to the river for a swim. The trail itself is mostly easy walking up a gentle incline, but it’s somewhat overgrown so long trousers are recommended. After a few hundred meters you get to an old dilapidated bridge. The railings are gone, broken off or rotted away years ago, but the actual deck is safe to walk across.

From the bridge you can see some smaller falls but to get to the real thing you need to continue upwards. Here the trail becomes steep and pretty rocky which under normal circumstances would have been a bit of a challenge, but also quite fun. I have to admit however, that I found it difficult to do while carrying the baby; not so much because of the extra weight, but because I was afraid to jostle him too much. With Yini leading the way we eventually got to a place where we could see the falls above us. At this point it no longer felt safe to climb higher while carrying the baby, so Yini and I took turns holding him while the other climbed up for a closer look.

Yini was the first to give it a go, and showed it’s possible to get closer but she didn’t get all the way up. After handing over the baby to her I made an attempt and managed to find a way. It was a fun climb and there’s a really nice spot at the top. I snapped a bunch of photos but to really capture the feeling I wrote a Frozen Moment.

Me on the way up

All in all it was a fun little adventure. It worked surprisingly well to bring the baby but that’s only because Yini and I cooperated and took turns taking care of him. It wouldn’t be possible for just one person. I think I should give some credit to the baby too, he’s pretty easy to take care of most of the time. Before I end I have to add that on the way there, I was just driving while Yini did all the work of taking care of the baby. Thank you for that Honey.

One last photo of the waterfall