A while ago I saw someone on Twitter mention that she was tired of the classical Chosen One narrative, and that she wished there was a story where the Chosen One was a nice old lady rather than the typical young man. It inspired me to write this text snippet but before I could post it, the tweet had been deleted. Instead I post it here, this is a short scene that could be the opening scene of a Chosen One story, featuring a grandma as the protagonist.

Grandma Applebottom had just picked up her knitting when the door bell rang. Her grandchildren had just been visiting and she assumed one of them had forgotten something and come back. Knitting needles still in hand, she went to the answer the door. Outside was a tall slim man in a cloak the color of the night. ”Have you come to collect me?” she asked, a hint of trepidation in her voice. ”As a matter of fact I have,” the man replied, ”but how did you…” ”You’re not death?” she said looking confused. ”Not at all” the man replied, ”my name is Tomkin The Unwise and I have been searching for you for a very long time” ”I’m in the phone book,” she replied then looked at him more carefully, he seemed to be around 60, ”but I guess you youngsters don’t use that anymore.” ”Not you in particular,” the man said, ”but the person you are about to become.” ”Well why don’t you come in,” she gestured towards the living room, ”and tell grandma all about it over some tea and biscuits.” ”There’s no time,” the man said somewhat brusquely, ”you must come with me.” ”There’s always time for tea.” grandma Applebottom retorted and turned to go back in the house. ”Alright, but just one cup,” he mumbled and followed her into the hallway. He sniffed, there was a wonderful smell of fresh baked cookies in the air. ”And maybe a biscuit,” he added, his mouth starting to water.