Even with the lens of my camera set to the widest setting, a photograph cannot do justice to the tree in front of me. I’ve seen big trees before, ones that are much taller than average and ones whose trunk is so thick it would take ten people, their arms wide open touching finger tip to finger tip, to reach around it, but nothing like this. This is gigantic in every way. The trunk is thick and tall with knots and bulges here and there, forming a stout base that stands halfway down a slope and extends upwards, towering above the plateau I’m standing on. The branches, each as long and as thick as your average tree, fan out from the trunk, splitting and branching off at intervals to form a huge network of wooden limbs. On top of the branches rests a massive canopy of green leaves that throws its shade over a large portion of the hill side. I stand in awe, trying to think of the proper way to describe something as simple as a tree yet made complex by sheer size.