The walls are covered in murals depicting scenes from some kind of Buddhist or Hindu mythology. The roof, high above my head, is decorated with square, geometric patterns in red and gold and adorned with crystal flowers. Towards the back of the room is a large altar with several standing Buddha statues on it, their palms facing outwards. On each side of the altar is a small stepped dais on top of which is a Buddha statue, larger than the others but also with the palms facing outwards, adorned with a crown, the face and palms are covered in gold but the rest a faded bronze. In the center of the altar is a stepped dais towering above everything else, atop of which is a kind of pavilion with a pyramidal roof. In the pavilion, bathed in light, is the Emerald Buddha, a small statue carved in green jasper, depicting the Buddha sitting in a lotus position; he is swathed in a sort of cloak made from gold that glitters in the light, only the green face is visible. In front of the altar is a low table with vases full of white flowers and on the floor is a small group of people, all dresses in black, kneeling in the mermaid position with, their hands together in prayer.