Having seen all there is to see in Kampong Thom, we headed back to Phnom Penh right after breakfast. We arrived at our hostel around lunch and, since we weren’t able to access the room for about two hours, we decided to kill the time by going to the nearby Wat Phnom which is one of the main temples in the city.

I feel a bit templed out so I didn’t take as many photos as normal but it’s nice all the same. The inside especially has some nice paintings depicting scenes from the Buddha’s life. 

When we had seen the temple, we split up. I took  tuk tuk out to the shooting range while Yini, who isn’t interested in shooting, went for some coffee and a massage. The shooting range is a fair distance from the city center and it took a while to get there. They have a whole plethora of guns to choose from, ranging from the standard AK47 and M16 all the way to a rocket launcher(!!!). I wasn’t prepared to spend all my money on blowing stuff up but the rocket launcher would have been cool. Instead I went for two options that I didn’t see before, the shotgun and the little Ruger 10/22. The Ruger was fun to shoot because the .22LR is such a low powered cartridge, it’s almost like a BB gun. The shotgun though was powerful, racking the slide on a pump action 12 gauge makes you feel like a bad ass and it has quite a kick too. Since Yini wasn’t there I didn’t get any in-action photos.

Me with my target. Notice the neat  circle of holes just at the edge of the guys face. 

That’s all for today, tomorrow we head south.