The roof is steal with a high peak, the sides sloping down towards the ground in layered curves. The low walls and the pillars lining the central aisle, four on each side, are decorated with an intricate patterns in gold and red. At the back of the room is an altar adorned with Buddha figures and bouquets of red and white flowers, and behind that, a gilded  Buddha statue with a shimmering orange sash across the torso, the statue is so large it almost covers the back wall. A group of people, probably around 30 of them, sit on the floor in lotus position, their palms together like in prayer.  They sit in a rough quarter circle, facing a group of four monks in saffron robes, seated to the left of the altar. A leader is chanting lines from a script and the congregation repeat them in one voice, filling the room.  I sit down on the red felt carpet, at the very edge of the group and just observe.