Today it was time for Renegade Wife to learn how to ride a Snowboard. She actually tried a bit two years ago, but I doubted she would remember much. I know beginners often get tired easily, what with using muscles that normally don’t get much exercise and so forth, so we took it easy, and didn’t get to the slopes until around ten thirty.

The wife did remember the very basics and she managed to stand up, but it was slow going at first and she needed a long break every time she fell. Eventually though, she started getting the hang of it a bit more. Since she felt a bit nervous with me looking on all the time (that is a large part of a Snowboard instructor’s job but oh well) she sent me off to play on my own. I stuck around nearby however, so I could spy on her, and give her some tips from time to time.

Apparently this worked really well because by lunch time she could get down a fair portion of the children’s slope without falling; and when we were about to quit, she could take the chair lift up and get down the entire slope, only sitting down once around the half way point. Pretty good progress in my opinion.

While I was checking on her I also managed to snap a few photos of her riding a Snowboard:

Around four Yini got too tired to continue, so I set off up the mountain for a few more runs but it was snowing so heavily I could barely see anything, especially with the second rate goggles I had, so I called it quits.

We were pretty late with booking this trip so we couldn’t get the entire stay in one hotel, instead we had to move. Our new hotel is a real Japanese onsen (hot spring) so we of course took the opportunity to have a soak and sooth sore muscles. Sitting outside in a hot bath with snow falling on your head is pure awesome.