Since we had seen most of the really worth while sights on Saturday we took it pretty easy on Sunday. Penghu is supposed to be a good place for snorkeling and diving but all the diving tours seemed to have closed for the winter, so I simply bought a cheap mask and snorkel from a sports store on main street and then we headed out to one of the many beaches.

 At the far end, near some tall cliffs I found a nice area to explore. It was by no means as good as a coral reef but I still saw several colorful fishes. When I got out of the water, slightly chilled and with a salty taste in my mouth, we went to the next beach just a short distance along the coast and had lunch at a cafe there.  The lunch was perhaps not great but the view of the smooth sand and turquoise waters was awesome.

In general I will say that Penghu has the best beaches I’ve been to in Taiwan. Yupp, they’re better than Kenting.

After taking a stroll along the beach, listing to he sound of the waves and picking up pieces of coral, I decided we should get back to the abandoned house from the day before because I suspected there might be more to see there. 

Boy was there more to see, the place had been a really large fish farm with several indoor pools as well as outdoor ones out in the bay. I was really excited to explore all of it. Sadly my camera ran out of batteries yesterday and my phone, which had functioned as a replacement for my dead camera, started acting weirdly. I did manage to get a few photos but not as many as I had hoped.

When I had explored all the buildings and fish pools, we headed back into town. We returned our scooter, then took a stroll down town checking souvenirs and such before heading out to the airport. Now wee are back in Hsinchu. I think Penghu is really worth a visit, perhaps even more so in the summer when water activities are abound.