Today was the last day of our central Taiwan trip. We started slow, getting up late and having a long breakfast, leaving the hotel around eleven. The evening before we had checked up a few places we wanted to go and the first one was some kind of statue park. When we got there it was closed even though the sign on the gate said it should be open. The next one was a long suspension bridge across a river. It was, in fact, so long that there were two pillars holding it up, basically it was three bridges connected together. However, we have been to far more interesting suspension bridges in other parts of the the country.

The last point on the list was the 99 peaks mountains. We followed a small scarred and broken concrete road along a dry river bed. After a while we stopped at random and trekked a few hundred meters up one of the side creaks, inaccessible green cliffs on both sides. This place is so devoid of human activity I wondered why the road was even there in the first place and the air tingled with a sense of adventure.  With better equipment and more time I would have wanted to go further but as it was, we had to turn around and head back to the car.

A few shots from the edge of adventure

Since we didn’t want to get home too late that became our final tourism spot for the day.  We had some lunch at a surprisingly good vegetarian restaurant (one that does not consider chili and garlic to be meat), then drove home. It was a good weekend, but I think we might come back to Hehuanshan another time.