Today we went on a small roadtrip up into the mountains. The goal was a newly opened section of road that is supposedly similar to the central belt road, which is the road that snakes across the central mountain range from west to east. We went by various smaller country roads rather than the highway and around two in the afternoon we turned up into the mountains. The road we followed was narrow and bumpy and we wound our way upwards and then, as we came around a bend, a large sloping field of white, blossoming plum trees opened up on the right. What a sight it was, we just had to pull over, this is what we saw:

It was rally amazing, all these trees, plum trees in white and a few cherry trees in bright pink. We spent a little while walking around, marveling at the beauty before we drove on. A little while later we came down to the road we were looking for. It was just was narrow, and almost more winding than the last we had been on but the asphalt was new and smooth. We continued along this soft ribbon of asphalt, and after a few more twists and turns, we came to another field of plum trees in bloom.

For a while we kept passing plum trees, with a few cherry trees here and there. I must say, it is one of the most beautiful roads we’ve driven for a while. We got down to the valley, then continued to climb up the next mountain, and as we did it started to get foggy. The fog got thicker the higher up we got, like driving through milk. Eventually we got to the part of the road that isn’t on the maps (at least not yet) and driving through the the mists, barely able to see twenty meters in front of you, with just a blip on an otherwise empty GPS screen, makes for an almost surreal experience.

In the middle of nowhere

After some time we go to highest point along the road. On a clear day we should have been able to to see the valley below us and the road zigaging down the mountain which would have been cool. As it was we just stopped for a short while then crept through the mists back down to the valley and back home.

Fog filled tunnel at the highest point of the road