This weekend the wife and I decided to go for a mini vacation in Miaoli. We started right before lunch, took my motorcycle and went south out of the city. Before long we were entering the mountains and drove along a winding road through lush green landscapes. The road was so perfect for a motorbike ride, I just kept going along and soon enough we reached our hotel.

After checking in we went out again to explore the mountains some more, stopping here and there whenever we found something interesting. Here are a couple of pictures taken during our exploration.

When it got dark there was not much point to explore more so we headed back to the hotel and ended the day by relaxing in hotel hot spring.

Night shot of the bridge

In the evening Yini found out two places we could go to, a famous waterfall and a small aborigine village. So the next morning we headed there, naturally finding a few fun places along the way.

This is an interesting way to hold up your house.
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We stopped to help lift a car up from a ditch.

The waterfall was pretty nice and we had a good time climbing down to it to get past the trail which had been closed off for repairs. The aborigine village however was not much fun as there was really not a whole lot to see.

Having seen the waterfall and the village we wound our way down the mountain to the sweltering heat of the city. We felt warm and sweaty when got home, but happy after a nice weekend trip.

Ending the post with one last photo, this one taken using a roadisde mirror for an interesting perspective