Today has been a day of driving, but in Iceland that’s not necessarilya bad thing. Going along the countryside roads and seeing this fantastic landscape in all its glory from the comfort of the car is great. We really only stopped a few times to stretch our legs and snap a few shots of the spectacular view.

We took the coastal road, zigzaging as it follows the line of the fjords. The mountains tumble into the sea and the road hugging the edge all the way. It seems people universally find mountains and water to be beautiful and with such geographic conditions as this, it’s not hard to guess at the beauty of the landscape we were driving through today. It’s also more desolate, almost no other cars on the road and no little rentals full of tourists in the rest stops. The settlements are more abundant however, little fishing villages strung out all along the coast. The only downside to the remoteness is that there are fewer rest stops  where we could stop and take photos so I cannot properly showcase the amazing views.

Sea, mountains and Yini

Some couple photos at a fjord, taken during lunch break

Some random shots along the road

A few shots of the fjord taken from a small fishing village

Towards the evening, we turned off the road skirting the fjords and drove more inland. We soon came into a kind of narrow valley with big patches of snow on both sides, the sky clearing up and the the road open in front of us. Though we are getting more used to the constant beauty of this country, we were completely overwhelmed by this sight.

Happy couple in the snowy valley

Coming down from the valley, we came onto a vast flat wasteland of brown and grey earth, dotted here and there with green fields and forests. It was almost like a different country, as if we had driven across the mountains into Canada. Eventually a gravel road led us out to our rented cottage in the middle of nowhere. We ended the day with a barbecue dinner. Tomorrow we start heading west, towards lake Myvatn.

Final shot from the road