After a long train journey to Swinoujscie and too little sleep on the ferry to Ystad we are now back in Sweden and our travels are over for now.  Despite a few mishaps we enjoyed ourselves but, traveling around like this is tiring in the long run; three weeks is just enough.

During the trip I learned a few things that can be useful to know for future adventures.

  • I brought too many things: I had a few items I never used and can further reduce the size and weight of my bag without a problem.
  • It is a good idea to have a clothes line and some laundry liquid, laundry facilities are not always that good.
  • A vacation is ment to be relaxing, take the time to stop for several days in one location and recharge the batteries. Constantly galavanting about, trying to see everything is just exhausting. This is especially important for longer trips.

I have attempted to sum up the trip in a few map notes, I know my artistic skill is lacking but maybe you can find them amusing. Hopefully I can find a better representation in the future.

Map notes from Croatia
Map notes from our further adventures in Croatia including the travel truobles
Some map notes from our stay in Slovenia
Map notes depicitng the long journey from Ljubljana to Bratislava on to Krakow
Map notes from Poland
Map notes summarizing the entire trip

That’s it for this trip. Happy travels!