krakow undoubtedly has one of Europes most memorable old towns, definitely the best during this trip. Walking from the train station towards old town a simply breathtaking sight meets you as the street opens up onto the main market square. The churches, market hall, town hall and so on are just magnificent. Other cities like Bratislava are simply no match for this. The sheer size of the place also plays a role in upping the wow factor I guess. I snapped a few quick shots but they don’t really do the place justice.

Shots of old town Krakow taken during our walking tour.

We saw most of this as part of a walking tour, but about half way through the tour, the rain got too heavy so we skipped out and waited for it to subside. After a short break for lunch and a bit of pigeon studies…

So many pigeons

… we continued to explore and found that the local castle was also able to vastly out shine those of other cities we’ve visited this trip.

Krakow Castle from different angles

In order not to rush too much, we let that be it, and pretty much just took it easy from there on out. Tomorrow we visit Auschwitz, a few night shots of the main square will have to tide you over until my next post.

Night shots of Krakow old town