A small box in the guide book titled “Worth the trip” informed us of the hot springs in a town called Piestany. Since both Yini and I enjoy hot spring baths we decided to go for a day excursion and relax a bit. Although not really what we expected, it was really nice to go for a soak in hot water, both clear and muddy. What was less nice was the lack of tourist information and maps that caused us to get lost on the way back to the train station.

When we got back from our day trip, we bought tickets for the night train to Krakow from a cashier who barely spoke English. In the moment of writing we can conclude that doing so was an ill advised move. As it turns out, the Slovakian train personell is so incompetent that double checking is not enough; despite repeated questions, they did not inform us that we must transfer somewhere alternatively get on another car. So, here we are at four fifteen in the morning, at an unknown train station, preparing to transfer to an unknown train.