We knew pretty early on that we could not move through Serbia due Yini needing a visa, so yesterday we took a bus to Montenegro to try to circumnavigate that problem. Unfortunately visa free entry did not equal hassle free entry. Yini got rejected at the boarder because we did not send a fax to tell them she was coming. So with a distressed girlfriend and in sweltering heat we started walking the few kilometers across the borderlands back towards the Croatian boarder.

As luck would have it, waving my thumb at passing cars paid off, and we managed to hitch a ride with a Romanian couple who drove us all the way back to Dubrovnik. Many thanks to Gabby and Vladimir, we really appreciate what you did for us.

Once in Dubrovnik we booked an over night bus back to Zagreb. We have now changed our plans, so instead of taking the northern route via Hungary to Romania (our original plan was to see both Bulgaria and Romania on our way north), we head west from here to check out Slovenia. From there we plan move east, stopping by in Slovakia before going north through Poland.