The revised plan looks like it’s a good one. We arrived in Ljubljana this morning and spent the day walking around the old town (like you do). The old town itself with it’s castle, churches and government buildings is rather unremarkable as compared to other east European capitals. A bit more colorful than the almost exclusively sand colored old towns of Croatia but not really special.

What is special as compared with the Croatian old towns is the lack of tourists. Most of the people on the streets seem to be locals going for a coffee and with that comes a very comfortable atmosphere; there is no big rush to snap photos, no vendors trying to entice you, and no crowds, just a relaxed feeling of summer afternoon.
I’ll throw in a few photos just for good measure

Not sure why there’s a bunch of shoes on a string here but it made me feel like jumping
I like this extremely narrow building
The central square
The river in central Ljubljana
Yini sneaking around in the willows
Bridge in central Ljubljana at night

As the city itself does not have that much to offer, we have booked a rental car for tomorrow so we can head out and see the real Slovenia.