I can say right from the get-go that Dubrovnik is both wonderful and horrible at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, the place is lovely, anyone with even the slightest interest in old architecture, castles, churches and the like ( I believe that covers some 80 percent of the human race) will love the city. What is less nice is the multitude of people visiting the city during the summer, there are people simply everywhere and you can never get some peace and quiet. I guess it’s better to be here in May or September. Now that that’s sorted let me tell you a bit about our visit.

We started with an evening stroll last night and immediately fell in love. Check out the shots below and you should see why.

Dubrovnik harbor at night
Old city wall
One of the old guard towers

Today we did a more thorough tour of the old town and this time we really felt the pressure of the sheer amount of tourists with vendors and reverse bouncers at every corner. We also felt the rather considerable heat, exploring a town like this with no shade in 33 degrees centigrade is sweaty. But like I said earlier, the city itself is just wonderful with its millennia old cobbled streets and decorated buildings.

You can also take the newly rebuilt (bombed during the war in 1991) cable car to get a magnificent overview of the city. But the unquestionably best thing to do in Dubrovnik is to take a walk along the city’s fortified wall. It is a bit like The Great Wall of China but more Mediterranean. High atop one of the many towers you can get a great overview as well as being able to see the wall itself which is rather impressive. Just remember, there is very little shade up there and it is a bit of a climb so choose a time other than mid-day, and bring lots of water.

View of the city form the cable car
Me and Yini atop the wall
Looking out through the wall
Some nice views from these gun ports
The rooftops of Dubrovnik
People like a train of ants on the wall
Dubrovnik harbor and parts of the wall
Looking down

All that walking eventually made us tired so with we went home a bit earlier than normal just to relax and replenish our energy for tomorrow.