There is something about islands, or rather something about the intersection of land and water that is so personified by islands, that captures the human eye. Post cards from all over the world are full of that special magic that is a beach, a harbour or a cliff leading down to the ocean. And here I am on a ferry from the Croatian mainland sailing towards a far away island, moving leisurely through an archipelago with large islands off to both sides. The perfect moment then to snap that post card picture, or so one would think. In fact, due to the limitations of the camera, or perhaps the great ability of the human eye, taking that kind of shot which I desire is impossible. There is just no way to simultaneously capture the whole of an island and get close enough to depict the detail that makes it interesting. Here is my attempt: all around the ship lies azure blue ocean and up above a clear sky with a few wooly tufts of cloud. In the distance, the billowing hills of several islands, covered in dark green forests or light grey rocks dotted with scrub. Here and there a white boat zipping past or white sails closer to shore. Wind whipping my hair and the sun shining down upon me makes it idyllic and beautiful, time to stand at the railing, relax and let my thoughts wander.