We have been lacking an internet connections lately but now we are back in Sweden so its time for one last post about our north European trip.

Coming back from the draisines, we slept one night in Reettas parent’s house then got picked up by Reettas sister Erika who drove us to Turku where we added Erikas husband to the gang and started on a small road trip. We drove to the small town of Naantali, where the Mumin live, for lunch then moved on to the island of Kustavi where we found a small camp site for the night.
We rented a small cabin with a sea view and had barbecue for dinner. After dinner went to the sauna to relax – cooling down with a swim in the sea under a blazing sky in the sunset. The next day we drove from island to island over numerous bridges and crossing the longer stretches of water by small ferries. It took us nearly the whole day drive along the ring road through the archipelago back to Turku.  The whole thing was more or less just a scenic drive to let us see the wonderful finish nature.

Small collection of photos from the archipelago road trip

Not rushing from place to place, just sitting in the car, getting a good view of the surroundings and taking it easy is a nice break from the usual rhythm of tourism. I think I will call it slow tourism, the sightseeing equivalent to slow food.

When we got back to Turku we made a short detour to a ruined castle and spent half an hour or so climbing around on the walls before heading to the home of Riika, another one of Reettas many sisters. We went to the sauna one last then slept our last night in Finland before getting the ferry to Stockholm. After some 12 hours on board the big passenger ferry we landed in central Stockholm, thus ending our trip.

Hero pose on the ferry home