Today we did some final exploring of Narva, visiting Narva Castle and seeing the Swedish lion monument. We did everything slowly seeing as we had a lot of time and not that much to see. It was nice to take it so easy for once. We then got on the bus back to Tallinn for one final night here before moving on to Finland with the ferry.

Some pictures from our last day in Estonia

To summarize the Baltic states, I think Riga has the best balanced old town of the three, lively but not too loud and a god blend of new and old buildings. Trakai national park in Lithuania and the island castle there beats the other national parks and castles we have seen. So in those areas it hangs in the balance between Latvia and Lithuania but Estonia blows them both away with the fantastic prison museum and Linna hall. Then again, the Hill of crosses also lands high up on the coolness scale so choosing between the countries is hard. considering that Estonia is more expensive than the other two, while the Latvia and Estonia are generally easier to travel in than Lithuania, my final tip would be to make a base in Riga and do day trips from there.

I don’t know if we will have internet access in Finland but I will update whenever I can.