A small stage: the backdrop, the curtains and all the other hangings are made from silver colored spangly cloth. At the center of the backdrop is a large  photograph showing three men in make up and women’s clothing with the text “Free Daily Ladyboy Show” printed in purple across the bottom. Along the front edge of the stage is a line of multi colored LED lights, and above it a large mirror ball. There are no proper seats for the audience, just two rows of pink massage chairs, the people having their massage getting treated to a free show no matter if they want it or not; everyone else can stand. Latin inspired dance pop is blaring at high volume from cracked speakers. On the stage are three people, in the center a Ladyboy in a kind of spangly feathery bathing suit and a plumed hat mining to the music. She (or is it he?) is flanked by two dancers in tight jeans and puffy black shirts, dancing a Latin type dance. The low budget production, the setting (a night market massage parlor), just everything about it is delightful and hilarious.