Since Yini and I had to go to work on Monday, our goal for Sunday was mainly just to get back home. We did have all day however, so we decided to take the long way around i.e. the coast road, stopping along the way whenever we felt like it.

Our first stop was rather random, just some large flat cliffs stretching out into the sea where Albin, Oscar and I walked around for a bit looking for crabs.

Next up was the sandiago lighthouse where the boys could get a bit of a bird’s eye view of the landscape. I’ve seen it before however so I didn’t take any photos.

From there we drove into the popular beach town Fulong and had lunch at a seafood restaurant. Because of an ongoing music festival they only had one set menu and I think some of the choices were a bit odd, for example swim bladder of some fish which looked rather unappetizing. Let’s just say I’ve had much nicer seafood in other places along the coast

Oskar eating a squid

Fulong has one of the best beaches in northern Taiwan, so of course we had to go for a swim. Due to safety concerns we weren’t allowed to go much deeper than our waist, but it was very refreshing.  In hindsight we should have waited with swimming until one of the less popular beaches further north.

One very famous place on the north coast is Yeliu Geopark, a place full of strange rock formations. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s pretty touristic and often full of people. We figured it would be better to find some similar but less known option. As it happened there is a place called Nanya Rock Area not far from Fulong so we headed there. Not only were there fewer tourists than Yeliu, it was also less controlled,  so we could climb around on the rocks as much as we wanted.

Our last stop before leaving the coast was the 13 Levels Factory I went to last weekend. We didn’t have a huge amount of time so we didn’t go inside, but I think Oscar and Albin enjoyed it all the same.

After that we drove back to Taipei, had a very tasty dinner at Ding Tai Feng, then dropped the boys off at their hostel. Navigating through Taipei on the way home was a nightmare but we made it without any major mishaps.