“That weird light is back!” The thought occurs the moment I step outside. It’s the same as when leaving work one evening, about two months ago. Sunlight is slanting in past grey tufts of cloud, moisture in the air, not quite thick enough to be fog, diffuses the orange sunset glow, steeping everything¬† in a strange, pinkish yellow hue, like watching the world through tinted glasses. The multitude of droplets just sort of floating in the air make the power lines over the train track buzz and crackle menacingly, but there is no forboding this time, just a lazy feeling of wounderment and a hint of apprehension at the buzzing power lines. I unlock my scooter, and as I turn out of the parking lot onto the road, the moment has passed, the strange light has faded and only some pale pink streaks lacing the underside of the clouds remains.