We arrived in Korea’s second city, and all around beach paradise, Busan yesterday evening. By the time we had checked in to our luxurious hotel room (we suspect it is a love hotel, but who cares) and rested up a bit, we only had time for a short stroll around the neighborhood before going to bed.

Today we set out to see more of what we only glimpsed last night. We strolled down the high street until we reached the local beach, but the sky being somewhat cloudy and the waves high, we decided to just go for a walk along the waterfront. We stopped by the tourist information office to acquire some maps then continued on to the small peninsula at the end of the beach.

We rounded the peninsula on a small path, getting a great view of the shoreline. It took us longer than we thought to get to the other side; clearly the scale of our map was larger than expected. Therefore we decided to take the subway to the next goal rather than walk. We got off the subway at the wrong stop, then immediately got lost on the way out. We eventually found our way down to the water’s edge, right at the foot of a giant bridge that crosses the bay to the next peninsula. Following the wave breakers along the shoreline, we got to a bigger, more popular beach than the one by our hotel. 

On the way to the second beach

By now it was warm and sunny, so I decided to go for a swim while Yini took a rest. The water was unexpectedly cold and not many waves to play in, but refreshing all the sane. Once Yini woke up, we walked along the beach about half way, then headed to the subway station

Just a couple of shots from the beach

We got off the subway at Centrum City and aimed our steps for Shinsegae department store, claiming to be the biggest department store in the world. Though it was pretty big, it was not all that impressive. At least that’s what I thought until we got to the roof. This place has a big, dinosaur themed playground/garden on the roof, it was amazing, as was the view.

When the sun set, we headed back to our area, had some sort of disappointing sea food dinner, then took a stroll along the beach for some night views.