Umbrellas in our hands to shield us against the rain, we walk down a small dirt road in the dark. Save for a few burst from the flashlight to make sure we don’t veer off into the undergrowth, it is near perfect dark. A deep, blueish grey mist hangs over the mountain, the beam from the flashlight spreads a diffuse white glow around us. Against this misty background, the profiles of trees rise up from the shadowy undergrowth, black shapes on a dark background. Among all these half visible shadows are dazzling lights, hundreds of small, florescent dots, lighting up for a fleeting moment, only to go away in an instant. It’s like some giant (God maybe?) has spread blinking lights all over the forest, like you or I would spread a pinch of salt over a plate of food. But they are not lights, they are fireflies, flitting about, and they are making this forest sparkle in a most wonderous way.