Warsaw is less overwhelming than Krakow, very likely due to it being a proper city, a metropolis even. Therefore the interesting attractions such as the old town, palaces, churches and so on are all spread out. To see them one cannot simply stroll around, it is a fair walk among modern buildings to get anywhere and public transport would be preferable for the not so young and fit.

For me and Yini, walking along the royal way up past the castle was no problem, so we did manage to see much of old (or should I say rebuilt) Warsaw in the afternoon, having arrived by train after lunch.

It seems to me, that Warsaw has much more to offer with several museums that are worth a visit. It might be that the city, much like say Berlin, warrants a short weekend trip with museums as the main goal. We plan to visit one or two tomorrow and can make a better judgement then. For now I will stick to my newly invented tradition of ending my posts with a few night time photos.