I glance out the car window as we are going along and spot a band of color floating in the sky,  pale green with a tinge of purple at the bottom. It takes a moment for my brain to realize what it is but when I do, I blurt it out in the middle of a conversation: The Northern Lights! We quickly find a place where we can stop by the side of the road and step out of the car to take pictures. Too bad I don’t have  a proper camera with me because the one on the phone isn’t able to capture the floating light. Not to worry, these words will suffice as description, so I put the phone down and just enjoy the view. The classical way to describe the aurora is like a ribbon of silk, but I find it is more like pigment dissolving in a stream. I can imagine some giant holding a fistful of green powder, with a pinch of purple mixed in, and dipping his hand in a small creek, letting the colours flow out between his fingers. It sweeps up from the horizon, over snow-covered plains, crosses the road in an arch overhead then swirls down in a spiral at the other horizon.  A few minutes pass then the pigment in the giants hand runs out and the aurora fades away and disappears. And just like that, we step back in the car and continue on our way like nothing happened.